About Us

Simple Effective and Affordable Robotic Solutions is our mission.

If you are interested to solve the problems through smart hi tech  robotic solutions then do contact us. Do not bother if you have no idea or have no expertise in robotic technologies or AI or machine learning. You just come to us with your problem and we shall provide you with a state of the art, useful affordable and effective solution. Do not worry even if you do not have a problem to solve. We shall provide you from inception of an idea to prototyping to full product development expertise and platform. Become part of our very innovative robotic solutions by funding our them or becoming a part fo the development team.

TrivimTech Robotics

TrivimTech is a team of dedicated innovative and having an in-depth understanding of a broadd field of technology including AI, Machine learning and Data Science, Neural Network, robotic sensor firmware hardware tech, drones, 3D printing and various fields of programming and program languages. 

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TrivimTech Founders

MD CFO and Co-Founder Sandy, CTO, CPF, ML&DS and  Co-Founder GSS Avi, COO and Co-Founder R Mike

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Are you tech-funder or VC?

If you are willing to fund a next level robotic tech in transport, security, kitchen and cooking automation, or flying industry project then contact us. We have promising prototypes available in these fields

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