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Must for every engineer and technicians who encounter fumes in day to day work. Soldering fumes or other smokes and fumes basically rich in metal or plastics or other poisonous material are very harmful to health. This bot detects and sucks those fumes away from the subject.

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Soldering fumes candle or matchbox burning fumes or others like passive smoking one usually direct towards presence of human because of air flow dynamics due to body flow, and then they directly aim for nose and breath due to drift established by the process of inhaling and exhaling. This direct suction of fume or smokes is harmful to health. It detects the motion, the burning fumes and smoke around and starts sucking to drift away from human inhaling, uses filters to adsorb the fumes before exhaling the sucked fumes. It’s very quiet, and further activates for the duration to suck fumes and then automatically goes off before the next trigger. It makes it very energy efficient and effective. The fume extractor that keep extracting air unless switched off after some time start dissolving the adsorbed toxins back into the air. They create a noisy environment and energy waste. Wastage of energy ultimately contributes to more pollution on the earth.


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